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Alan speaks with Jeremy Henderson of Bioclear to talk about some spectacular Bioclear news! 3M and Bioclear are working together to bring the Bioclear Method closer to home for dentists across the U.S.! For instance:

  • 3M reps across the country have been trained up on the Bioclear method and can give live demos/lunch and learns in your office! You can check that out at!
  • Bioclear and 3M are taking a 6 hour CE course on the road to teach dentists the Bioclear method in a venue close to home for just about everyone! Check out the schedule at and sign up before they sell out (and they will!)
  • Head to Tacoma for an in depth course on the Bioclear Method at the Bioclear Learning Center!

The Dental Hacks have always been big fans of Bioclear and we're pretty excited that Bioclear is now coming to you!

We'd like to welcome Microcopy Dental to the Dental Hacks Podcast! Alan has been using Microcopy single patient use diamonds for most of his career...we think you're going to love them! Check them out at

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