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New Year, new you!

We welcome Dr. Lance Timmerman of Working Interferences fame to our show!

Highlights include:

New Year’s resolutions!



We discuss the proper way to cement crowns

  • For Zirconia Kevin anesthetizes, packs cord, pumices the tooth and cements with Rely X
  • Lance anesthetizes,  Isolite, Superoxyl, Dry Z if needed, and Ceromer or Dentsply Bioceramic Cement
  • Zach uses Vivid Prime G and  Fuji Cem
  • Zach uses Panavia V5 for non retentive preps
  • We talk about retentive grooves
  • For Emax Kevin packs cord, uses rubber dam, Isolite or cotton rolls right sandblast, Monobond etch and prime and Panavia
  • Lance uses Relyx veneer after treating the crown with Monobond Plus
  • Zach uses Panavia Ceramic Primer and Panavia V5

We discuss following the directions!!!

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