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Alan is joined by Dr. Toussaint Crawford, who is considering adding a dental microscope to his practice and Dr. Jason Smithson who is a consummate microscope user! Some things discussed:

  • increasing magnification...loupes vs. microscopes
  • what is coaxial lighting?
  • microscope demos
  • mounting options
  • variable objective lens
  • zoom vs. steps (zoom makes Jason seasick)
  • light source
  • intergral camera vs. add on camera
  • documentation
  • taking a course and Wayne Remington!

Your office has to do a LOT of stuff. You’ve got to take in and organize a ton of patient information and make sure it shows up in the right place at the right time. You’ve got to be able to communicate throughout your office at any time, yet you need to do it discreetly. As much as you wish you didn’t have need to remind your patients of their appointments and try to avoid broken and failed appointments. You have to reactivate the patients that have fallen through the recall cracks. And in have to be able to ask your loyal patients for reviews in the right places like Google, Facebook and Yelp. Our friends at YAPI have solutions for all of this and more! And they can do it paperlessly! Check out all that YAPI can do for you at It’s a funny name, but it’s serious software!

Our friends at Microcopy want to help you get a handle on your interproximal adjustments! Have you ever struggled with figuring out the right place to adjust the interproximals of your crowns? Microcopy has created a very slick and simple solution that they call Proxichek! The best can try it for free at! Get a handle on adjustments with Proxi-chek!


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