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Alan welcomes Dr. David Hornbrook to the Very Dental podcast! David was the presenter at the Vedder Society's fall meeting and he did not disappoint! He's an amazing clinician with an approachable style of presentation and we got to see and interact with him for 3 days! Some of the things we discussed on the podcast were:

  • David is REALLY glad to be back to in person teaching!
  • David explains how he became such a lab and materials focused clinician
  • "Knowing exactly what they're doing in the lab has made me a better dentist."
  • Do you invite your lab to ask for more information and critique your work?
  • Digital workflow isn't an invitation to be sloppy. PVS is way better for someone who doesn't pay attention to details
  • What's the benefit of visiting the lab?
  • Do you know who is creating your restorations?
  • Your lab techs know what kind of dentist you are!
  • Let's go to Lab Day in Chicago!
  • Do you do CE with your lab tech(s)?
  • Are we moving to implants too quickly?
  • Bridges are legitimate treatment in a lot of cases and implant are not always the best choice.
  • The greatest trick for strengthening a zirconia bridge!
  • Becoming David Hornbrook
  • Photography vs. "Instagram Photography"
  • Patient expectations and "ideal" dentistry
  • Weighing minimally invasive techniques against creating room for materials
  • Informed consent and how the dentist "spins" the treatment
  • David's recommendations for new dentists:
    • find a mentor
    • eliminate the undesirable procedures from your practice as soon as possible
    • realize that you're going to be a dentist for a long time
    • "hurry up and slow down"
    • Be uncompromising

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