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How old is Dr. August De Oliveira? Cut him in half and count the rings![/caption]

Dr. August De Oliveira joins Jason and Alan to talk about dental implants, writing books, DentalTown, 3D printing, CEREC, Facebook groups and claiming to invent stuff that was really just you buying a 3D printer on Amazon. August is one of our favorite guests and we finally got him for a full, hilarious hour! From our early days together on DentalTown to August's conquering of the stage at Voices of Dentistry, this wide ranging interview has something for EVERYONE!

Some links from the show:

August's CEREC Du Jour thread on DentalTown

Al's Dental Haiku thread

CAD-Ray and the Medit i500

Al's crown work flow stuff: Template and Temptray, Traxodent

August's latest course

August's books: Guided Implantology Made Easy, Implants Made Easy, Dental 3D Printing Made Easy

Dentiq Software

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Go Hack Yourself

Alan: Dropbox Desktop app

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