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Dr. Darin O'Bryan is a wet fingered clinician and CEREC educator. If you saw his schedule, you might think he's the hardest working man in show business! Darin teaches many of the CEREC Accept courses outside of Scottsdale for CEREC Doctors and it just so happens that he's a classmate of DentalHacks host Alan Mead. In this episode, Darin and Al catch up on the cool stuff that he's gotten into since dental school including an interesting discussion on denturists in Oregon and a crossover discussion on mid-level providers!

Episode 36 features the Brain Trust breaking some new ground! The Brain Trust decides that we're just going to have a good, old fashioned "bitch session." We're tired of it and we're not going to take it any more! We cover being sick at work, vaccinations, antibiotic prophylaxis and antibiotic overuse in dentistry. What starts out as complaining ends up being a pretty awesome discussion! Episode 36 also marks the first "ladies night" Brain Trust where we feature women only as guests! You'll hear favorites Dr. Dawn Kulongowski, Dr. Tammy Bailey and Dr. Tiffany Lee weigh in. Don't even think of missing it!

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