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Today we feature a conversation with Dr. Kristine Aadland! Kristine is a dentist and practice owner from Vancouver, WA! Kristine teaches chairside cosmetic and restorative dentistry with CEREC and she focuses on giving back! In this interesting conversation we discuss:

  • You cannot pump your own gas in Oregon. Also, Al was a boards patient in Portland, OR in 1997.
  • Kris always knew she wanted to do a startup practice...and she did!
  • For people who have done both startup and existing practice purchase...which would they prefer?
  • Kristine's CEREC journey (she started with Red Cam!)
  • Kris's workflow (it's impressive!)
  • What is the most baller move a CEREC dentist can do with their patient?
  • What would Kris tell someone who is on the fence with in office milling?
  • Same day smile design/anteriors!
  • How did Kris start speaking?
  • Kris has been giving back to patients in need doing HANDS ON COURSES!
  • Dr. Justin Moody joined us during the interview to talk about the changes at Implant Pathway in Arizona!
  • Moody is using 3Disc intraoral scanners at the Implant Pathway!
  • Kris is giving an amazing course where they will treatment plan and execute chairside anterior rehabs on women who have suffered through domestic violence! (February 25-27, 2021)

Some links from the show:

Porn for Your Practice: Make Yourself Miserable with Social Media

Implant Pathway

Kris's course at Implant Pathway: Same Day Smile Design

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Go Hack Yourself

Jason: BrightLocal

Alan: Emily Oster on the Pandemic (EconTalk podcast)

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