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Luckily, dentistry is rarely a life and death profession. Yet most of the bad outcomes in dentistry are from human error. We're not good at evaluating human error and we're not comfortable talking about our own mistakes. Dr. Linc Harris talks about why talking about and even (gasp) showing your mistakes can help others avoid these problems and will have an amazing effect on your ability and judgement in the future! This is one of the most important parts of  his Facebook group called RIPE: Restorative Implant Practice Excellence. Linc also explains a little bit about his treatment planning style and describes his course "Rapid, Efficient Treatment Planning" (RETP)...coming to the U.S. in May of 2017!

This week's Brain Trust continues where we left off with Dr. Cory Glenn, Dr. Melissa Zettler, Jason and Alan. The recorded LIVE in Cory's parents' kitchen (#notkidding). Cory teaches for Blue Sky Bio Academy about implants, guided surgery and treatment planning and spent an entire weekend showing the crew how to use Blue Sky Bio Plan software. This powerful software lets you know where to place the implant predictably and even allows you to generate a printable surgical guide! In this episode you'll hear how you can start doing guided implant surgery even if you don't have all of the equipment (CBCT, intraoral scanner, 3D printer)! This is a game changer!

Some links from the show:

Blue Sky Bio home page

Blue Sky Bio patient education videos

Burbank dental lab

Digi3DWorks Dental

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Cosmedent saved me today. I cemented a crown that needed WAY too much occlusal adjustment. I got the bite adjusted and put a perfect finish on using the Cosmedent intraoral all ceramic polishers. Really easy and really fast. You need to check them out at

Go Hack Yourself:

Jason: Brasseler medium micro diamond bur

Alan: Joule sous vide 

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