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How many teeth have we done root canal therapy on that we probably never should have in the first place? It's an uncomfortable topic because we have to be humble about our ability to diagnose and treatment plan for success!

Dr. Lou Berman joined Jason and Alan for an in person interview from the Spear Summit 2019! We dove right in to cover a bunch of interesting endodontic topics!

  • How do you know when you SHOULDN'T start endodontic therapy? How do you evaluate the foundation before the house is built?
  • Creating Spear Education's endodontics curriculum
  • Root resorption...what's up with that? It's not coming from the pulp, it's coming from the periodontium (external)'s NOT an endodontic problem!
  • Orthodontics and root resorption...feline herpetic viruses?
  • The financial commitment of endo (and retreatment)
  • "Root canals don't work on me"
  • Endo temporaries (why don't we seal the access?)
  • Single appointment endo vs. multiple appointment
  • Leaving teeth open
  • Berman Instruments new premium line!
  • Al's rubber dam clamp!

Some links from the show:

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CJ Optik Microscopes

Global Microscopes

Labomed Microscopes

Berman Instruments

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Go Hack Yourself

Alan:  Carbon Black Non-latex dental dam

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