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We feature Dr. Mark Costes, Dr. Shawn Van de Vyver and the Dental Hacks talking about social media marketing, JLips' "hip hop practice," podcasting and the most innovative CE event of 2017...the Voices of Dentistry Summit!

A couple of things:

1) This is the same content that Mark released on the Dentalpreneur a couple weeks ago. It's great, but if you've heard it on his's the same.

2) The Voices of Dentistry podcast is primarily for dental podcast listeners! It's a CE event for the people who are cool enough, good looking enough and smart enough to have made dental podcasts a part of their life! It's also for people interested in podcasting, because you'll have access to a whole bunch of dental podcasters to talk about how they do what they do. But's for people like you who listen to the Dental Hacks podcast. And we really want you to come!

3) Some links from the show:

Prices won't go up until next week. Get your tickets now!

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