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Dr. Paul Etchison and Dr. Justin Bhullar are both very successful dentists. They've grown practices in different ways and each of them has different experiences (single crazy growth in one practice vs. amazing multiple practices), but they both really understand the business of dentistry. On today's episode we discuss how they came together (hint: it was at the Voices of Dentistry, woot!) and why they decided to create an amazing new product called Dental Business Mentor. You'll hear how it could help you do your business better!

Use coupon code "hacks350" for 50% off of your yearly membership!

Food catchers are the WORST! There are better ways to adjust interproximals on crowns! Why not try a free sample of their newest product called Proxi-check. It's an ingenious piece of interproximal articulating paper that helps to fine tune your contacts with no fuss and no mess! Go check it out at


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