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Jordon Comstock of Boomcloud joins Alan to talk about how a membership program can help dental offices in a bunch of ways. Being able to offer patients a "plan." Health insurance has made patients feel like they can't got to the dentist because they aren't "covered." Membership programs can give patients a "plan" in your office! Jordon is the man when it comes to membership programs and BoomCloud can help you administer a plan like this easily and inexpensively!

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What's the worst procedure in dentistry? I'm guessing that removing a zirconia crown has to be in everyone's top 3. Our friends at Microcopy have taken this problem head on with their new Z Class burs! They've got some burs especially made for cutting through zirconia and I've never used anything like it! I recently used their 1116Z bur to remove a thick zirconia crown and it took ONE BUR and less than 4 minutes. This is truly next level stuff and you need to try them out! Check them out at Microcopy makes DAMN GOOD BURS!


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