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The Brain Trust has always been a huge part of the Dental Hacks podcast. We love to feature a round table of regular, "wet fingered' (ew) dentists talking about stuff that all dentists deal with. Episode 215 features three of our original panelists who have been featured over the years. We cover a lot of ground here, including:

  • Are baseball analogies good for gauging where you are in your dental career?
  • Would Rich recommend buying and merging a practice?
  • How is Frank screening kids and adults for airway? (note: it's probably not what you think!)
  • How has coaching affected their careers?
  • What technology has been worthwhile? For patient outcomes or simply marketing?
  • Why are dentists training so much in high dollar procedures vs. the fundamentals?
  • Are long haul truckers good patients? Is it truck o'clock?

The OG's links:

The Chicago Study Club

Links from the show:

Our "clinical hack of the week" features some new functionality for Invisalign. Jason discusses Invisalign's relatively new options for treating class II occlusion using a variant of the twin block.

Go check out our featured "Spear Online Education video of the week, "Endodontic Diagnosis with Dr. Lou Berman!"

Curbside check in is literally the most 2020 thing ever. Many offices don’t even have waiting rooms any more! Do you want to know the absolute easiest way to do curbside check in at your office? That’s guessed it. Our friends at YAPI make curbside check in a breeze! 

YAPI basically invented going paperless in the dental industry. They have solutions for entering forms, texting with patients and even “intra office chat.” YAPI can help you easily let your patients know when you’re ready to seat them and they’ll breeze directly into the operatory! This December, YAPI is giving the Dental Hacks Nation a special deal! They’ll waive their set up fees for anyone who mentions the Dental Hacks...a $399 value! It’s time to make curbside check in as well as all the other amazing paperless options YAPI has to offer! Go check it out at and drop our name for no set up fees!

Our friends at Cosmedent have something really great going on in December! It’s called the “Cosmetic Dentistry Winter Webinar Series” and it’s absolutely free! It’s three days and it features 3 separate Cosmedent all star presenters! On Thursday December 17th you can hear from Dr. Rhodri Thomas talking about restoring peg laterals. On Friday December 18th you can hear from the amazing Javier Quiros discussing “full mouth reconstruction with composite resin!” On Monday, December 21st you’ll hear from Dr. Marshall Hanson with “An Invitation to Think Differently About Direct Composite Resin!” Each course is an hour from noon until 1pm central standard time! Cosmedent’s webinars are always top notch and these three guys are all amazing presenters! Go check it out at and up your cosmetic dentistry game! 

The Dental Hacks Nation closed Facebook group has over 29,000 members! Head over there to interact with other Dental Hacks listeners, guests and Brain Trust members every day, all day! Remember…if you don’t have anything “dental” on your FB page, we might decline your membership request. So IM the group or email us at!

Go Hack Yourself:

Jason: Bisco Theracem

Alan: SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD

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