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This might be the most important episode of the DentalHacks podcast that we've ever done. In today's episode we interview Dr. Roy Shelburne. Dr. Shelburne has become a rock star on the speaking circuit because of his experience being prosecuted by the federal government for fraudulent billing for dental services. He spent 19 months in prison for things that you may be unknowingly doing in your practice.

Dr. Shelburne speaks all over the country helping dentists with their record keeping in an effort to avoid the life changing consequences he experienced. You'll hear these questions answered:

  • do you understand "intent to defraud?"
  • how can you establish that a treatment is "medically necessary?"
  • what systems should you add to your record keeping to avoid trouble?
  • how do you set up audits in your office to catch billing and record keeping mistakes?
  • why should we get rid of paper charts once and for all?

Dentists, you need to listen to this. But maybe more importantly your team really needs to hear this. Dr. Shelburne can help you bring your documentation to a level that avoids legal problems.

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Dr. Shelburne's email:

Roy's Template for records

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