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Welcome to season 1, episode 7 of the Clinical Hacks Podcast!

In this riveting episode, we discuss what dental labs we use and why.

Highlights include:

- Kevin discusses how lab work is only about 10-15% of his crown and bridge, solidifying that he's better than the rest of us, but when he does use a lab, he uses Keating Dental Arts

- Mac has a crush on the Dental Guys podcast and uses the lab they promote Dental Crafters

- Zach is the guy who uses the local lab a few miles away #buylocal

- Who pays the most for a Zirconia crown?  Surely not the guy who prides himself as being Dr. Value

- Kevin scans (possibly in a speedo) and describes how a digital work flow goes with lab work.

- Sleep labs?  NTI's?  Biteguards..we touch on those also

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