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Welcome to season 1, episode 12 of the Clinical Hacks Podcast

The gang is back.  Kevin, Mac, and Zach discuss posts and cores

Highlights include:

- When do you choose to place a core, or a post?

- Do you remove all the previous restoration every time?  Most of the time?

How does Mac do a core?

- He mentioned like 5 products, Cosmecore, Absolute Dentin, Fuji 2, Equia Forte, and Miracle Mix.  I'm exhausted just typing all of those, so I pinned him down to one for technique.

- Cosmecore

- Mac bonds that in with a Self-Etching Primer Bonding Agent Prelude SE (technically he uses the generic KoolBond SE, but uses the Prelude branded dual-cure link)

How does Kevin do a core?

- He uses regular light cure composite sometimes (Kalore from GC), but usually uses Absolute Dentin from Parkell

- Bonds with Brush and Bond from Parkell

How does Kevin do a post?

- Dentatus Posts

- Buildup material cements the post

How does Mac do a post?

- Unicore Posts

- Buildup Material cements the post

Zach buildup and posts:

- Bulk EZ for buildups (autocure)

- Aforementioned KoolBond SE (generic of Prelude SE) to bond.

- Parapost XP

- FibreKleer Posts

- Vlock Posts (now Edenta Headmaster)

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