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Welcome to season 1, episode 10 of the Clinical Hacks Podcast!

This week Kevin and Mac take a break to enjoy their lives, while Zach recruits a few guys you might have heard of before to join him to talk about short term ortho.

Jason Lipscomb and Shawn Van De Vyver

Show Highlights:

- Jason just dropped some $$$ on Itero Scanners to ramp up his Invisalign game

- Jason also took some Galler courses to reingage in Invisalign and increasing services in his office.

- Shawn started off with 6-month smiles and good 'ole brackets and wires, but also has invisalign.

- What is "unbranded" clear aligner therapy?

- Jason recommends the USDI Ortho program if you want to get started learning about tooth movement.

- Shawn would recommend starting your Education with Force Ortho

- How do these guys market Short Term Ortho?

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