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Kevin and Zach are joined by Alan Mead to talk about how to implement new stuff in the office. Actually, it's mostly Zach and Al listening to Kevin because he's really good at implementing stuff. Some topics we discussed:

  • Instagram fishermen/women
  • Al's love of air abrasion and the "shelf" in his office
  • Al's problem buying stuff at the Midwinter back in the day
  • The story of implants in Kevin's office/don't tell Kevin that he can't do something
  • Why add services/procedures to your office?
  • Al's microscope story
  • Zach loves Gordon Christensen
  • Goofus and Gallant (Al and Kevin)
  • Kevin implements sleep by including the team
    • how to create a team driven implementation process
  • Kevin has a Missy
  • Moving out of micromanagement
  • Removing barriers to implementation and the rubber dam
    • actual barriers vs. barriers in your head

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