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We start off talking about summer vacations!  Summer is here and we’re excited, and summer plans seem real this year!

As new dentists begin to graduate this year, we reminisce on our own beginnings in dentistry, failures we made and things we’d tell ourselves if we had a time machine.

Topics include:


  • Don’t be stingy on how much you give
  • Have a skull to review anatomy when you get into slumps
  • When you are slower, give more anesthesia for duration of anesthesia
  • Have a youtube video of a block saved and ready to review
  • Cold test prior to prepping


  • Cavity Prep are you being too conservative?   The answer is probably yes
  • Is your class ii box too small?   Probably
  • Bevel big for class V’s
  • Small class IV chips can be a big problem for you without over-engineering it.

Lots of good pro-tips this week for the younger dentist.

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