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Hey hey hey! Dr. Mac Jones joins the Very Clinical crew

  • The Very Clinical guys talk about board horror stories
  • Mac weighs in on getting contacts with Bulk EZ
  • Make sure you're reducing enough on crown and bridge preps
  • How do prep for retention
  • How to grab crown prep length
  • Plunger cusps...reduce them
  • Learn how to recontour teeth
  • READ THE DIRECTIONS of your materials
  • Understand your bonding agents
  • Simple isn't always the best
  • Access extracted teeth, understand endo access anatomy
  • Use an orifice opener
  • Reduce the occlusal in endo if you can
  • Section teeth in extractions...take out roots, not teeth
  • Proximators
  • Proximators + mallet
  • Look in to bone grafting even if you aren't placing implants
  • Instagram results...often "same day." Recalls are everything.
  • Don't be the first person to do something. Don't be the last person, either. 

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