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Alan is joined by Dr. Rob Ritter to talk about a couple of bad beats he had. Perfing an endo and punting a tough extraction had Al wondering if he should be doing these procedures in his office. Rob is a proud “restorative dentist” by choice and has described his approach as “from the gums up.” How did he decide what he wanted to include in his practice? Why did he decide to leave a lot of “specialty” procedures out? Some topics we covered:

  • Rob’s course, “The Protocol”, the dates for 2022 are available and registration opens on September 14th. If you’re interested, you better sign up fast because they’ll sell out immediately! (limited to 14 people!)
  • No compromise treatment
  • “Just because you don’t want to do the right thing doesn’t mean I’m going to do the wrong thing.”
  • “When you start feeling bad for patients, you start making bad decisions”
  • Late 90’s “needs based” dentistry to “wants based” dentistry
  • Doing dentistry because you NEED to (financial constraints) is more common
  • Al’s bad beats and walking away from endo and surgery (and why it didn’t last)
  • Case selection...don’t let your guard down!
  • You don’t HAVE to do anything you don’t want to
  • No shame in referring anything that you don’t want to do
  • Find a referral network that is an extension of your practice
  • Rob ALMOST took a tooth out earlier this year...and then decided against it. It was a wise choice.
  • Vedder Society name drop (come in a couple weeks!)
  • Learning from Pat Allen...can I be Pat Allen?
  • How long had Rob been practicing before he had decided what he WANTED to do.
  • Remember that adding new stuff is hard to learn and REALLY hard to implement.
  • Developing a referral network and how to work in a rural environment 
  • Rob on legacy 
  • Your family >>> teaching dentists/doing dentistry
  • The most valuable thing is time!
  • Very Dental Facebook group (password: Timmerman)

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