The Very Dental Podcast Network

A solo episode featuring your benevolent leader doing some podcast housekeeping as well as talking about a variety of dental topics!

  • The Very Dental Facebook group has amazing potential to create a tribe of like minded people! Join it with password: "Timmerman" and see what's happening in the Very Dental community!
  • Social media is a garbage fire, but there are some diamonds hiding in the rubbish
  • How are guests for the show chosen and why I take my "curating" job seriously
  • The monetization talk: ads vs. Patreon...weigh in!
  • Learning to love removable
  • Why I didn't do consults before and why I'm doing them often now
  • The Vedder Society invitation: September 24-26th, come see Dr. David Hornbrook with Al!

Some links from the show:

The Very Dental Facebook group

Freddie Mercury goofing around during "One Vision"

GC ISO Functional Compound

Lang Denture Duplicator

Ministar from Great Lakes Orthodontics

The Francis B. Vedder Society

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