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Alan welcomes Jeff Gladnick from Great Dental Websites to the Very Dental Podcast! Jeff last joined the show in 2016 and it turns out that websites, SEO and practice marketing have changed quite a bit! Who knew? Some topics they discussed:

  • The recent AADOM meeting and what it was like to get back to a dental meeting after COVID
  • Jeff’s harrowing COVID experiences and what our friends down under are experiencing now
  • Thoughts on the virus, vaccines and mandates
  • What is “Great Dental Websites” and why are they different?
  • Content Management software and why it matters 
  • What’s wrong with WordPress? Webflow?
  • Design and why dentists shouldn’t DIY
  • What’s new/different/important in SEO?
  • Reviews are important, they’re part of “local” strategies...not organic
  • Jeff doesn’t recommend blogging!
  • How do you know what you need for dental marketing? How do you know what to spend?
  • Talk with referrals!
  • Don’t let your people do black hat!
  • Are you
  • Why can’t you just use the Google landing page?
  • Are reviews REALLY bringing the people in? You need to ask!
  • Why do patients like you? It’s probably not what you think!

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