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Following the thread from last week's discussion, we're taking a close look at how hygienists get paid and, most importantly, how they can get paid well. Rachel Wall (who previously appeared on episode 109) was kind enough to stop by again to discuss how compensation can be most efficiently and fairly distributed throughout any clinic's hygiene department.

Rachel Teel Wall, RDH, BS, is the founder and owner of Inspired Hygiene. Through coaching and seminars, Inspired Hygiene aims to maximize the profit and productivity of every dental team's hygiene department with a particular focus on compensation models. Her two decades of experience in the industry encompasses her time as both a hygienist and an office administrator.

In this episode, Rachel chats with us about the importance of everyone playing their role in a dental practice and what she thinks makes for an ideal compensation model.


Interview starts: 2:50

- Looking at the different compensation models available to hygienists.

- Explaining the 3:1 compensation model.

- Understanding everybody’s responsibilities in a dental clinic.

- Making the most of your time, your dentist’s time and managing patient relations. 

- What Rachel believes is the best compensation model for everybody involved.

- Finding that right balance between overtreatment and undertreatment.


“I think everyone should at least be open to adapting and learning new ways.”

“A business owner has a responsibility to make sure the business is profitable, and then we as hygienists have the responsibility to at least be aware of that and know where we stand.”

“I think everybody should have the opportunity to be on the other side of that table at least once in your life because it’s quite sobering.”

“I wanna learn more about your treatment philosophy so that I can do a better job of recommending treatment that matches what you would recommend.”


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