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Alan explains one of the many reasons you need to register for the upcoming Voices of Dentistry Meeting! Our speaker lineup has never been this strong and you aren't going to want to miss it! Go check it out at and sign up today! Be sure to get your room now because the block is sure to sell out!

Don't you wish you had a business coach that lived in your ear? One that you could use whenever you needed it on any device you happened to have in your hot little hands? Dental Business Mentor is exactly that! Our friends Justin and Paul have created a platform that answers all of your dental business questions concisely and from the perspective of someone who's been there and done that! Go check them out at and use the coupon code "HACKS350" for $350 off the annual subscription!

Microcopy has everything you need to adjust zirconia before cementation! Check these product out (and request a free sample) at, and! I use these every day and love how they work!

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