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Dr. Brady Smith joins Alan to talk about how charitable dentistry has changed the way he practices dentistry! Not only does it make him feel great, but it's also indirectly an amazing marketing strategy! You're going to love Brady's message!

Also, Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

Some links from the show:

Dr. Brady Smith's Drilled Podcast

HALO Dental Network

What's the worst procedure in dentistry? I'm guessing that removing a zirconia crown has to be in everyone's top 3. Our friends at Microcopy have taken this problem head on with their new Z Class burs! They've got some burs especially made for cutting through zirconia and I've never used anything like it! I recently used their 1116Z bur to remove a thick zirconia crown and it took ONE BUR and less than 4 minutes. This is truly next level stuff and you need to try them out! Check them out at Microcopy makes DAMN GOOD BURS!


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