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Part of living well is being in the know, whether it is being knowledgable of news from around the world or informed of going-ons right in your own community, because it’s not what you think, it’s that you think. All of the information shared on the Au Courant Weekly will enable you to go forth into the weekend ready for an engaging conversation or simply mindful of the most recent current events, from which you can formulate your own opinions. So tune in each Saturday morning, and in 15 minutes or less you will be au courant.

In this week's episode: Dr. Seuss, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, the Sibling Study, Cuban Embassy, President Obama in Kenya, and more!

And don't forget Géraldine Lepère, the French language expert and founder of the website Comme une Française  offers her weekly French Word of the Week at the end of the episode. Find out what it is!

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