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Today on Mormon Stories Podcast we are interviewing Dr. Frank Turek—a Christian apologist, author, and speaker with Cross Examined and Dr. Mike Licona—a New Testament professor/scholar at Houston Baptist University. Both are highly sought after around the world for their efforts to provide scholarly and intellectual evidence that the Bible is true.

Today's episode will focus on making a scholarly case for belief in Christianity, including a response to our previous interview with Dr. Bart D. Ehrman. In this interview, we will attempt to address some of the same questions as we did with Dr. Ehrman, including:

  1. Did the historical figure we know as Jesus actually exist?
  2. How did the historical figure Jesus come to be viewed as divine/the Son of God?
  3. Who wrote the New Testament?
  4. Do important contradictions exist between the four gospels of the New Testament, and what does that tell us?
  5. How was the New Testament assembled?
  6. What are their thoughts on the historicity of the Book of Mormon and Mormonism as an authentic Christian denomination?

...and more.

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