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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to attend the same Mormon ward as accused rapist/sexual predator Joseph Bishop?

Todd and Sarah Gale attend the same Mormon ward as Joseph Bishop (in Chandler, Arizona). Last year McKenna Denson shared a recording of her confrontation with Joseph Bishop, who was serving as president of the Provo, Utah Mission Training Center at the time he is accused of sexually assaulting McKenna in the 1980s.

Both share their thoughts and feelings of sharing a ward with Joseph Bishop, and discuss precautions and actions they take to protect their family.


“Alright to Be You” is a collaboration song by electronic musician, Milocraft, and singer-songwriter, Angela Soffe. Raised in the LDS Church, both are returned missionaries, and each chose to leave the Church when faced with a faith crisis. In 2018 they founded the “Be Moved Project” to create music that helps people feel happy and connected. To hear more music or support the project by becoming a patron, please visit:

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