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Lindsey Johnson Snider was raised LDS and attended BYU-Idaho from 2012-2016. She experienced a shift towards progressive/liberal Mormonism in 2013, which coincided with a faith crisis. Later, Lindsey became the editor in chief of the BYU-Idaho student newspaper called "The Scroll," and worked for the paper until the end of 2015. During her time with "The Scroll" Lindsey wrote many controversial editorial and opinion columns, which both changed some hearts and minds on progressive issues, and also upset/angered some orthodox Mormons. Lindsey's tenure with the paper included a meeting with the dean of the BYU-Idaho religion department, wherein all BYU-Idaho religion professors were told to be more respectful of those in their classrooms who may be part of the LGBTQ community.

After leaving BYU-Idaho, Lindsey and her husband lost their first baby girl at 23 weeks due to premature labor. This experience caused much grief for Lindsey and her husband, and ultimately brought her 5 year faith crisis to a head.

Today we will be discussing Lindsey's story, going into depth on the good/bad/ugly of attending BYU-Idaho, along with Lindsey's faith journey and her experiences with grief.

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