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On this episode of Mormon Stories Podcast, we travel to Davis, California to visit with the Purves family as they share their unique experience with a Mormon Faith Crisis.

In this interview we cover:

  • The goodness that Mormonism brought Scott and Joanna as youth, including a nurturing community and a sense of purpose
  • Scott and Joanna's decision to raise their family in Mormonism, culminating in the calling of Scott as Bishop
  • The rewards and challenges of serving as a Bishop, and how the demanding service impacted Joanna and the rest of the family
  • What made a Mormon Bishop question and then lose his testimony?
  • What happens when a Mormon Bishop's daughter comes out as lesbian and how does the family handle that?
  • How does the Purves family rebuild and regroup to find joy and fulfillment outside of Mormon orthodoxy?
  • And so much more...

Join us as this amazing and loving family becomes both strong and vulnerable to share the joys and challenges of their Mormon Faith Crisis!

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