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Please join us now for our Mormon Stories Podcast interview with Spencer Nugent. Spencer, along with his parents and sibling, were the first Jamaicans baptized on the island into the Mormon church. Later Spencer’s family moved to Orem, Utah. Spencer attended UVSC and BYU, served a mission to San Antonio, Texas, and became an Industrial Designer. Spencer is a renaissance man of sorts. His many talents/interests include karaoke/music, art, travel, design, drawing, landscape architecture, teaching, etc.

After Spencer was married in the Salt Lake City temple and had two sons, he and his ex-wife eventually experienced a Mormon faith crisis and divorced.

Today’s episode will cover numerous topics, including Mormon cultural imperialism/whitewashing, being black in the Mormon church, Spencer’s mission, male eating disorders, parenting, divorce, faith crises, and finding identity, morality, and community as a black ex-Mormon man in Utah.

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