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Join us now for today's Mormon Stories Podcast episode as we interview ex-Jehovah's Witness Amber Scorah about her new book: "Leaving the Witness: Exiting Religion and Finding a Life." Building off of our previous interview with former Jehovah's Witness, Lloyd Evans, we continue to discover the parallels between the JW Movement and Mormonism, particularly surrounding the struggle to form a new identity after leaving the religion. In this interview Amber shares her experience leaving her religion. From the book's abstract:

"Amber's loss of faith culminated in her own personal apocalypse, the only kind of ending possible for a Jehovah's Witness.

Shunned by family and friends as an apostate, Amber was alone in Shanghai and thrown into a world she had only known from the periphery--with no education or support system. A coming of age story of a woman already in her thirties, this unforgettable memoir examines what it's like to start one's life over again with an entirely new identity. It follows Scorah to New York City, where a personal tragedy forces her to look for new ways to find meaning in the absence of religion. With compelling, spare prose, Leaving the Witness traces the bittersweet process of starting over, when everything one's life was built around is gone."

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