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Anthony Miller is widely known across post- and progressive- Mormon internet communities for his thoughtful contributions on faith, spirituality, religion, scripture, and relationships. Anthony has presented at multiple Sunstone Symposium sessions in the past and at this Summer's Thrive Conference where he gave a presentation titled "Growing Beyond Grief" which we hope to feature on a future episode of Mormon Stories / The Gift of the Mormon Faith Crisis. Anthony has also given past interviews with Gina Colvin's A Thoughtful Faith and appeared on multiple episodes with Bill Reel and Allan Mount (linked on Anthony's blog) unpacking the Gospel Topic Essays.

On these episodes with Mormon Stories, we hope to dig deep into Anthony's personal Mormon story including:

*What he calls his "literal faith" in the truth claims of the Mormon Church, including using his patriarchal blessing as the literal guidebook for the choices and direction he pursed in life
*How his faith began to unravel after he discovered the LDS-published Gospel Topic Essays
*How he sought community and healing during his faith crisis, including the founding of a Mormon Spectrum group
*How he deconstructed his past beliefs and is reconstructing a sense of spirituality after his faith crisis

....and so much more.

We hope our listeners will draw from Anthony's rich experience in learning to navigate a mixed faith marriage, communicating across faith and belief, reconstructing a sense of spirituality after a faith crisis, and creating support communities for people inside and outside the edge of Mormonism.

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