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While in Seattle, Washington this past week—we were excited to finally put a face to the voice that so many in the post- and progressive-Mormon world have come to know—by interviewing the host of the Radio Free Mormon podcast of the family of Mormon Discussions podcasts. While we still do not disclose his name, we are confident that after this 7-hour journey with "RFM," you will come away with an accurate depiction of the man behind some of the most informative and entertaining podcasts in the Mormon community.

Broadcasting behind Enemy lines, Radio Free Mormon tackles the difficult subjects in Mormonism like no one else.  Dissecting things like a surgeon, RFM gets to the crux of the issue, exposing all the connections and subtleties that lie below the surface.   His unique sense of humor, his knowledge of Mormonism, his displaying of the data.  If you haven’t yet listened, you likely could use some Radio Free Mormon in your life.

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