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February 2020 marks the 5 year anniversary of my excommunication from the Mormon church.

In a desire to protect myself against the possibility of slander or misinformation from the church or its apologists (as was experienced by former church members such as Fawn Brodie, Simon Southerton, and Kate Kelly during their disciplinary councils), I recorded all of the interviews I had with my bishops (James Stephenson and Brian Hunt) and stake presidents (Mark Jensen and Bryan King) leading up to my disciplinary council/excommunication.

As I have been opposed to Mormon Disciplinary Councils from my childhood on, it was always my intention to publish these interviews as a matter of public record - but I decided to hold off on publishing them for several years.

In light of the recent changes made to the Mormon church's disciplinary council process, and on the 5th anniversary of my excommunication, I am publishing them now.

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