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Happy Utah Pride Week everyone! To celebrate Utah Pride week, I am sharing one of the most important interviews in the history of Mormon Stories Podcast. It is the story of Kyle Ashworth - a dear, brilliant, talented friend, and the host of Latter Gay Stories podcast.

This interview is important for at least 3 reasons:

  1. Kyle is a truly brilliant, caring human. That should be enough.
  2. It conveys super powerfully the myriad of ways in which the Mormon Church harms its LGBTQ members AND its straight members - including a deep dive into the serious problems of mixed-orientation marriages within Mormonism, along with the deep ineffectiveness and deceptiveness of organizations like North Star International.
  3. Finally, It is ultimately a story of "love winning out" as Kyle, his ex-wife, and her family fulfill their mantra, "One Family, Two homes."

Join us today to hear the conclusion of Kyle's truly inspiring story.

Please watch and enjoy, and please spread the word!!!

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