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Mark your calendars!  THRIVE is coming to a city near you!  On January 22, 2022 up to 22 cities will be holding regional THRIVE events - dedicated to providing healing, support, and community for post-Mormons and post-religious people.  

Participating cities currently include: Alberta, Canada, Phoenix, AZ, Provo, UT, Lehi, UT, Bristol, UK, Seattle, WA, Costa Mesa, CA, Houston, TX, Sacramento, CA, Las Vegas, NV, Idaho Falls, ID, Atlanta, GA, Portland, OR, and Albuquerque, NM.

Please join this brief episode to learn about each of the planned events, and how you can organize your own local THRIVE UNITE event in your city.

You can register for THRIVE UNITE here:

To organize your own local THRIVE UNITE event, email:


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