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Teal Swan is a highly controversial New Age guru with millions of online followers.  Teal specifically markets her services to vulnerable, often suicidal individuals, and advances highly controversial and/or damaging beliefs and techniques including:

  • Encouraging graphic suicidal ideation.
  • Nurturing false memories and false accusations of ritual abuse by family members through thoroughly debunked recovered memory techniques.
  • Waterboarding as a trauma treatment.
  • Downplaying the severity of death by suicide by likening it to “hitting the reset button” into a future reincarnated life.

Teal’s practices are covered more thoroughly in the recently released Hulu series entitled “The Deep End.” Several deaths by suicide have been attributed to Teal’s practices.

In today’s episode we interview Diana Hansen Ribera, who was one of Teal’s closest childhood and adolescent friends.  In her interview, Diana provides thorough detail to challenge Teal’s false claims of being a victim of satanic ritual abuse and sex trafficking as a child, and explains how Teal developed her coercion skills and harmful techniques with Diana — that Teal would eventually employ on a broader scale.

Warning: This interview contains graphic and disturbing content.  Viewer and listener discretion is advised.

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