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Join us for an epic but daunting story of the Mormon Church going out of its way to persecute and discipline a same-sex married and non-endowed member who was trying to live a happy life outside the fear and shame of Mormon orthodoxy. With audio recordings of phone calls, meetings, and the Disciplinary Council itself, we will show the constant misrepresentations, deflections, and gaslighting perpetrated by the Bishop and the Stake President to protect the good name of the church. A modern case of lying for the Lord.

After moving out of his home-Stake, not attending church for 4 years, and 6 months after posting on Facebook about getting married to the love of his life, Brennen was handed a letter at his door. He was utterly stunned and confused as he read the document signed by his childhood bishop who was summoning him to a Disciplinary Council on the basis of his same-sex marriage.


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