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Join us as we welcome Jessica Parker to the Thrive Stories podcast to discuss her journey of accepting and finding peace in infertility. As a woman who was raised in a faithful Latter-day Saint home, Jessica absorbed all the messages about the role of women and her divine purpose to bear children. She served a mission, got married in the temple, and gave her time and energy to the church for years. All of this came into question when Jessica began her faith journey--which then led to deconstructing and rebuilding her innate sense of value, identity, and purpose as a human being.

Thrive Stories is a podcast series where Margi (alongside John or Jenn) interviews a member of the community once per month. The interviews are shorter (2-3 hours), story-based, and are focused on a particular aspect of healing and growth AFTER a Mormon faith crisis (thus the THRIVE name). They generally happen on Tuesdays at noon (MST). Some examples of areas of thriving include: Family Relationships, Healthy Boundaries, Finding Community, Finding Meaning/Purpose, Dealing with Grief/Death, Religion after Mormonism, Health Sexuality, Parenting, Improving Physical Health, Identity, Health Marriage/Relationships, Secular Spirituality, Word of Wisdom 2.0, and Women Finding Their Own Voice after Mormonism.

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