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When Douglas Stilgoe, AKA "Nemo the Mormon" on YouTube, no longer felt he could publicly sustain Mormonism's top leadership of apostles & prophets due to multiple acts of demonstrable dishonesty, he lost one of Mormonism's highest privileges: the ability to attend the Temple.

For Mormons, Temple worship goes FAR beyond religious ceremony. It is the gate by which believing Mormons qualify for Exaltation, the highest level of Heaven & privilege in the after-life according to Mormon theology, and by which marriages & family relationships are "sealed" together for eternity. Thus, losing the privilege of Temple worship doesn't just risk an individual's OWN eternal reward, but also puts one's eternal marriage and other family ties in jeopardy, some even to the extent of believing that faithful spouses and children will be "reassigned" to a faithful stranger who will replace the unbelieving spouse or parent in Heaven.

It is also synonymous with personal "worthiness", so any Mormons not permitted inside are often thought to be committing or in the process of repenting from egregious sins, such as adultery. Mormons who are not considered "worthy" to perform Temple ordinances themselves are also barred from even attending ordinances - like weddings - of any friends and family that take place there, another significant source of pain and alienation for some.

Naturally, Doug found it problematic that for believing Mormons, such important things as Exaltation and Eternal Family can be held hostage and denied for something as simple as refusing to agree to sustain leaders who, by virtue of a supposedly secret ordinance known as the "Second Anointing," are exempt from any accountability towards members of the Church, even for bold, deliberate acts of harm and dishonesty.

...or are they?

This episode documents attempts made by Doug (Nemo) to get to the bottom of whether Mormon doctrines & practices meant to instill accountability from its earliest days and scripture are still applicable today, or whether they've become mere ritual, devoid of any meaningful significance other than virtue-signaling conformity and a continued commitment to blind obedience. As a squeaky wheel unable to be assuaged or silenced by local leadership, Nemo surprises everyone (including himself) when he manages to bypass the usual gatekeepers and break through the glass ceiling separating Mormonism's apostles and prophets from the rank-and-file, successfully garnering the attention of none other than second highest-ranking apostle and next in line to become prophet, Dallin H. Oaks.

How did it go? Tune it to find out!

Nemo the Mormon YouTube Channel

  • "Evidence of Dishonesty" - Nemo's document (coming soon!)

Nemo's Coverage on Mormonism LIVE with Bill Reel, Radio Free Mormon, and John Dehlin

Episode Show Notes

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