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In this Part 2 of 3, we return to Jeff & Larissa's story. Now married, Larissa gives up her University Studies to help Jeff through Med school. They share their struggles with infertility, the adoption process, and adopting black children as orthodox Mormons.
Larissa faces difficulties in early motherhood and building resentment as they settle into traditional LDS gender roles. Larissa feels she is losing herself wrapped up in her husband's life, while at the same time trying to silence that part of her that is unhappy, seeing it as "wrong."
Larissa is called as a RS President, even as she becomes more vocally progressive/feminist and has hope for the Church to change, but it doesn't last.
Jeff realizes the Gospel can't fix Larissa's unhappiness as the root cause is Patriarchy. He serves in Bishoprics for 7 years before discovering more about Church history from the CES Letter, and Rough Stone Rolling, with the Gospel Topics Essays being the final straw.
Jeff & Larissa finally recognize the level of harm of systemic racism & sexism in Mormonism and no longer wish to be a part of it.
Larissa Kindred

Jeff Kindred:

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