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Nate Byrd discusses his experiences as a Black Mormon and how he navigated his identity in a church with a history of white supremacy. He talks about being the only Black family in his wards and the pressure to conform to white norms, including attending BYU and marrying a Black Mormon. He also shares his experiences with racism at BYU, both from white students and from the church's teachings on race.

Byrd discusses his journey of self-discovery and how he channeled his anger into making things better for Black students at BYU, including starting a Black Student Union. He also talks about his TikTok channel, where he discusses the cringey and racist things he experienced at BYU, and his intentions to help others in similar situations. Byrd concludes by reflecting on the challenges of reconciling his faith with the church's history of white supremacy and how he continues to grapple with these issues.

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