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Join me as we delve into the fascinating journey of Dan McClellan, who revolutionized biblical scholarship on TikTok. With over 600k followers, he democratized access to biblical knowledge, showcasing his deep background in Jewish and Bible studies. From his unique mission experiences in Uruguay to his thought-provoking discussions on homosexuality and creation accounts in the Bible, Dan's insights captivate.

Born agnostic, his conversion to Mormonism took a more social and emotional route than intellectual. He's an active church member, even as he navigates complex topics. Armed with degrees from BYU and Oxford, his scholarship journey encompassed questioning traditional beliefs about historical accuracy, leading him to prioritize data over dogma.

His TikTok journey balances his roles as a church employee and a respected scholar, bridging the gap between academia and the public. He explores intriguing topics like God having a wife and homosexuality in the Bible, backed by meticulous research. Don't miss Dan's upcoming book that promises to dive deeper into these compelling issues. This interview is a stimulating exploration of faith, data-driven analysis, and respectful dialogue.

Dan McClellan

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