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We explore the tumultuous history of Mormonism after Joseph Smith's death, including Brigham Young's succession and controversial doctrines like polygamy and blood atonement. Lindsay Hansen Park and Bryan Buchanan guide us through the schisms, scandals and sexual dynamics of this era, from the chaotic leadership struggles in Nauvoo to the restrictive culture of polygamy in Utah.

We examine how polygamy hindered missionary work and statehood, the harsh realities for women, the escalating conflicts with the US government, and the 1870s crackdown on plural marriage. Despite sympathizing with early Mormons, the hosts candidly critique problematic teachings and figures like Brigham Young. They argue that Mormonism still struggles from a reluctance to denounce past errors, which allows those harmful ideas to persist and hurt people today. This no-holds-barred journey illuminates a complex chapter of Mormon history.

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