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Micah Nickolaisen has been an important participant in the Mormon Internet for the past  three years.  His activism began in 2012 as co-founder of both the "A Thoughtful Faith" and the "Exploring Sainthood" podcasts/communities - both of which sought to encourage thoughtful and faithful LDS Church activity/participation.  

After losing his faith/confidence in the LDS Church in 2013, and in reaction to the Kate Kelly and John Dehlin excommunications in 2014/2015, Micah co-led several projects which sought to bring attention/visibility to problems within in the LDS Church.  Micah co-founded the "Strangers in Zion" project, wherein LDS Church members were encouraged to request disciplinary councils (in lieu of resigning their membership).  Micah was also a co-founder of the recent "Any Opposed" initiative wherein several LDS Church members expressed vocal opposition to church policies/practices during the April 2015 LDS General Conference.

In this three-part interview Micah discusses his early years of strong devotion to the church.  He then discusses his participation as a pro- and then a post-Mormon activist.  In the final episode, Micah discusses his newfound interest in the formation of secular communities for post-religious individuals (e.g., Sunday Assembly and Atheism 2.0).

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