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In this episode we interview Tanner Gilliland and Samantha Snyder.  Tanner was raised as an orthodox Mormon in Tucson, Arizona.  Samantha converted to the LDS Church in the U.K.  Both lived very orthodox LDS lives as millennials, attending BYU-Idaho as devout members, and interning for Deseret Book after graduating from BYU-I.  Samantha co-founded the web site Millennial Mormons.  

As Tanner and Samantha began to question the modern LDS Church, they briefly entertained the teachings of Denver Snuffer (Tanner was actually re-baptised according to Snuffer's teachings).  Earlier this year, both Tanner and Samantha left the LDS Church, and recently co-founded the new post-Mormon millennial blog called

As recent reports suggest that the LDS Church is losing its Millennial members at a rapid pace (see here and here), this interview begins to explore why.

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