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This podcast is Part 3 of a Mormon Stories and A Thoughtful Faith Collaboration.

Mindy Gledhill is an American indie pop music singer-song writer. She has five albums, the Sum of all Grace, Anchor, Winter Moon and Pocketful of Poetry and has collaborated on many others.  Mindy’s music appears in film, television and commercials. Its has been described as ‘tender, emotional, intelligent, and touchingly auto-biographical, fun flirty and heartfelt.’ 

Her vocal style is warm and rich;  each of her songs attest to the tremendous talent she has as both a musician and a lyricist.  She’s also innovative and entrepreneurial and in 2012 was recognized as one of “Utah’s 40 Under 40” in the Utah Valley Business Q Magazine.

But Mindy also has a rich life story. Born into a large Mormon family she grew up in a faith tradition that could not keep up with her growing awareness of gender inequality and patriarchy.

Mindy joins Gina to discuss her life, her work, her family and her personal gender politics.

In Parts One and Two of the series John Dehlin interviewed pop artist Mindy Gledhill and classical pianist Dustin Gledhill regarding their new electronic synth-pop project called Hive Riot. In Part 3 A Thoughtful Faith podcast host Gina Colvin interviews Mindy about her faith, women’s issues, and other dimensions of Mindy’s experiences as a woman, mother, wife, pop artist, Mormon, and human.

In Part 1 John explores Mindy and Dustin’s respective stories as Mormons, along with their careers as successful musical performing artists.  Dustin also discusses his difficulties as a gay Mormon (including his attempts to change his sexual orientation, driving him to the point of suicide), and Mindy discusses her journey to become an LGBT ally (partially through Dustin’s influence).   In Part 2we discuss the Hive Riot project (which is the perfect Christmas Gift for this holiday season…along with Mindy’s Christmas album).

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