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From Canada to Norway: A multicultural journey through Mormonism, Islam, and the European perspective, with Claudia Fox Reppen 
In this first installment of Mormon Stories Europe, Henning Müller of Mormon Stories Germany interviews Canadian-born Claudia Fox Reppen about her multi-ethnic heritage, emigration to Norway, and Mormon faith transition.
Claudia and Henning examine the following topics in this three-part series: 
– The interesting story about Claudia’s upbringing and how Claudia’s family became members of the LDS Church 
– Growing up in the Church as a young tomboy, how she was affected by Mormonism’s teachings on gender roles, and how it contributed to her struggles with anxiety and depressionClaudia2
– Opening “Pandora’s Box” of uncorrelated Mormon History, the question of homosexuality, and American Mormon politics 
– Claudia’s positive and negative experiences working with asylum seekers in Norway
– The cultural similarities between Muslims and Mormons and the stark similarities in rhetoric employed by conservative LDS leaders and radical Islamists with regards to the role of women 
– Why the European Mormon perspective is unique and important, our hopes for attracting more European voices and establishing a bridge of discourse between a European and North American audience. 
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